Vintage Evaluator Index (vei)

VEI is a quantitative proprietary indicator/tool developed to evaluate mathematically a vintage from a specific wine region, relative to its most recent 30-year period available climatological normals. The VEI is a combination of two different indicators [...] Details »

Wine Economic Value Index (WEVI)

The Wine Economic Value Index (WEVI) is a wine rating system that emulates the “credit-scoring system” used by banks to assess client’s credit quality. Despite the scarcity of facts and available data about premium wines [...] Details »

Vineyard Climate Analysis (VCA)

The Vineyard Climate Analysis (VCA) is a page with multiple indicators and studies developed to analyze the various climatological features of a wine region, represented by a meteorological station [...] Details »

Helio-Thermal Index (HTI)

The Helio-Thermal Index (HTI) is a quantitative proprietary indicator expressed in heat units, in the same fashion as the Amerine & Winkler Heat Summation Index, and our Proprietary Heat Index (PHI) [...] Details »

11/11/12 - Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Napa & Sonoma 2012 Vintage Ratings (VEI) Available!: click here to view 05/10/12 - 2012 Southern Hemisphere (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa) Vintage Evaluator Index (VEI) Data Now Available!: click here to view 02.11 - Saint Helena & Angwin (Howell Mountain) Vintage Evaluator Index (VEI) Data Now Available!: click here to view 02.11 - Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Loire, Piedmont, Chianti, Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Priorat, Douro, Napa & Sonoma 2011 Vintage Ratings (VEI) Available!: click here to view 02.11 - Contrasts in the 2011 Vintage: warm and dry in Bordeaux and Burgundy; cold in Sonoma and cool in Napa: click here to view

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